5th Gr. Assignment #13

Learning Goals:

*Learn the 4 basic steps to making math formulas in spreadsheets

*Input data into spreadsheets accurately


1. Understand the problem we’re going to solve by reading this:

Two bags of balloons that were going to be used to decorate the auditorium were taken and scattered all over the school yard! Kids were playing with them everywhere! Some student helpers went around and got as many as they could. To see how many were missing, the helpers counted the balloons. One helper kept count with tally marks on paper. We are going to put this count on a spreadsheet to see how many are missing.

2. Download the spreadsheet by clicking here. Open the spreadsheet, then minimize it.

3. Use the copies of the tally sheets to put in the numbers of balloons found on the spreadsheet.

4. Use the guide to write a math formula in cell D11 and cell D19 to add up the balloon counts.

5. Each package of balloons had 210 balloons in it, how many are missing?

Guide click here.


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