4th Gr. Assignment #20

Learning Goals:

*Read history websites to learn.

*Use a photo shop type program.


1. Read this to understand what we are doing.

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo sailed up the California coast in 1542 to become the first Spanish sailor to see California. We are going to read about where he went, make a list of places he visited and draw on a map, where he sailed.

2. Download the history text from this link. I highlighted the parts we need to read and put sticky notes on the side to guide you.Download the history text by clicking here. Minimize it once you have it openend.

3. Download the worksheet. Answer the questions on the worksheet from the reading you just downloaded. Don’t confuse them! The first sheet is to read from, the second one, listed here is to write on! Download the worksheet by clicking here.

4. We will work together now and use a program called GIMP. It’s like photo shop, so we will use it to draw Cabrillo’s sailing route on a map. Click on the image posted with this blog entry and right click on it to choose “save image as”. Make sure you see where you are saving it to!

5. We will draw Cabrillo’s route from the places he saw from his ship on the California coast and put it onto our worksheet.


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