4th Gr. Asssignment #17

Learning Goals:

*Four steps to making math formulas on spreadsheets

*Using spreadsheets to sort information


1. Download the spread sheet by clicking the link, open it, then minimize it so it is ready. Spreadsheet download click here.

2. Understand the job and what you are doing. You are keeping a spreadsheet to count the number of books individual classrooms have donated to a school book drive. Any class that comes up with more than 250 books will win a pizza party donated by the local pizza place. You are to put all the numbers you get into the spreadsheet and write a short letter to the principal telling her which classes get pizza parties.

3. Enter these numbers into your spread sheets. Assume the numbers are given in order for the dates that apply. Room 101 got 25, 76, 46, 35, 45, 13 books totaled each Friday of the drive. Room 102 got79, 12, 16, 55, 61, 28 books totaled each Friday of the drive. Room 103 got 12, 43, 32, 67, 46 books totaled each Friday of the drive. Room 104 got 65, 22, 21, 24, 60, 43 books totaled each Friday of the drive.

4. Once you have the numbers put in, put in math formulas in the “Grand total of books” cell for each room. We will do this today with the function wizard. Click menu “Insert” then “Function”. You get a window that looks like the one posted in the image on this blog. Choose the “Sum” function.

5. Follow the steps outlined in the functions wizard, going to “next” after you choose sum. In the “next” step you click the icon I circled in the image of this blog post. Choose the cells you want to add up. Click “Finish”.

Show Mr. Litt to check off. We will continue this project in the next assignment.



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