4th and 5th Gr. Assigment #16

Learning Goals:

*Review the 4 basic steps to writing spreadsheet math formulas.

*Learn how to put division into spreadsheet math formulas.


1. Read this to understand the story first.

Ms. Dolores’ class was learning estimating. Ms. Dolores bought many bags of M & Ms and put them in  a jar. The class used different ways to estimate how many were there. When they were done, Ms. Dolores challenged the class. “Figure out how many bags of M & Ms I bought and I will let you eat all of them!” One student had Mr. Litt’s class and said, I know how we can figure this out with a spreadsheet!”

Download the spreadsheet by clicking here.

2. Put the umbers of M & Ms the class counted into the spreadsheet. There were 157 reds, 162 greens, 225 blues, 165 browns, and 226 yellows.

3. Put math formulas into cell D11 and D13 that will tell us how many bags Ms. Dolores bought. Read the guide carefully, it brings you through how to solve this problem step by step.

Guide click here.


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