4th and 5th Gr. Assigment #16

Learning Goals:

*Review the 4 basic steps to writing spreadsheet math formulas.

*Learn how to put division into spreadsheet math formulas.


1. Read this to understand the story first.

Ms. Dolores’ class was learning estimating. Ms. Dolores bought many bags of M & Ms and put them in  a jar. The class used different ways to estimate how many were there. When they were done, Ms. Dolores challenged the class. “Figure out how many bags of M & Ms I bought and I will let you eat all of them!” One student had Mr. Litt’s class and said, I know how we can figure this out with a spreadsheet!”

Download the spreadsheet by clicking here.

2. Put the umbers of M & Ms the class counted into the spreadsheet. There were 157 reds, 162 greens, 225 blues, 165 browns, and 226 yellows.

3. Put math formulas into cell D11 and D13 that will tell us how many bags Ms. Dolores bought. Read the guide carefully, it brings you through how to solve this problem step by step.

Guide click here.


4th and 5th Grade Assignment #15

Learning goals:

*Make multiplication math formulas on spreadsheets

*Make math formulas on your own


The sixth grade class at school is selling candy to raise money for their field trip. One of the sixth graders has a younger sibling in my class where we are learning spreadsheets. Help this student organize the spreadsheet by writing math formulas.

1. Download the spread sheet by clicking here. Download it, open it then minimize it. Come back to the blog and keep reading directions.

2. Write math formulas for this spreadsheet and put in this information: Each type of candy has 24 in each box. The sixth grade ordered 6 boxes of M and Ms, Snickers and Kit Kats. They ordered 11 boxes of sour straws and 5 boxes of each kind of Hershey bar.

Write a math formula in every box in the “E” column. E4 through E9 need multiplication formulas to figure out how many candies were ordered. Cell E11 has the total of all types of candies added. Cell E12 is a projection of how much money they would make.

Here is a guide (guide click here) to help you think about how to write some of the math formulas.

You have to try to figure out how to write them on your own, today.


a.) Select the cell you want the answer to appear in.

b.) Type an equals sign.

c.) Write the formula thinking about which cells add, or multiply.

d.) Click enter.



4th and 5th Grade Assignment #14

Learning Goals:

*Learn how to make a graph from a spreadsheet

*Learn how to make a math formula on your own


1.Download the spreadsheet by clicking here. Open it, then minimize it.

2. We will fill in the numbers together as a class.

3. Use the guide given and make a graph of the birthdays in your class.

4.Make an addition formula using cell names in cell B19 adding up the the total of birthdays on the spreadsheet.

   Remember: a.) Select the cell the answer goes in (cell B19)

                     b.) Type an equals sign

                     c.) Add cells using cell names and the addition sign

                      d.) click enter

Guide click here.

4th and 5th Grade Assignment #12

Learning Goals:

*Enter numbers into a spreadsheet correctly

*Go back and forth between a webpage and a spreadsheet

*Read and re-read directions to complete  and check all assigned tasks are done


Spreadsheets are used to keep track of numbers and lists. Today we are doing some imaginary shopping.

1.Download today’s spreadsheet by clicking here. Download it, save it, open it and take a look at it for a minute.

2.You are going to list things you want to buy for a birthday party. You must choose plates, napkins, cups, and invitations. You have $30 to spend, you can not spend more. You are going to buy things (in your imagination) from this website; Website click here.

3. Choose plates, napkins, cups and invitations from the website. Put the name of the item, its number (as listed on the website), how many you want and the price.To add the money, click on the box next to where it says “total”. Type an equals sign (=), then type the prices in with a plus between each price. When you hit the “enter” key, it will add them all up.

4. If you bought the plates, cups, napkins and invitations and still have money left over, you can choose one more item of your choice.

5. Make sure you listed plates, napkins, cups and invitations and did not leave any information out from the spreadsheet.You are done when you have each item listed and have the total you spent added in the “total” box.