4th and 5th Gr. Assignment #10

Learning Goals:

*Reading and learning from websites


1. Download the worksheet, open it, then minimize it. Worksheet click here.

2. Read this to understand what to do today: Reading from a website to find information is different than using books. There is a lot of confusing information and links very often. Sometimes you have to read websites for information like this:

Read your question, know what you are looking for.

Read the first paragraph of a web page to see if it is a summary.

Look around for what you want to know by scanning for a few key words.

Re-read some things you have already read over when you find what you are looking for.

3. Go to this website to answer the questions on the worksheet. Website click here. Use the methods listed above to answer the questions.

4. Print your worksheet today when you are done.


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