4th and 5th Grade Assignment #8

Learning Goals:

*Follow directions one step at a time, re-reading directions to check if done correctly.

*Go between a document and a web page using the window list.


1. Download the worksheet here, open it so it is ready, then minimize it.Worksheet click here

2.Answer the questions on the worksheet by using the guide, trying the operations yourself or asking questions. When you are done put your answers in BOLD and ITALIC.

3. When you are done, go to this podcast site to listen to a podcast that will help you correct your paper. There are many podcasts on this site make sure you listen to “4th Grade Test Correction Podcast”. Listen to it and correct your paper. Podcast site click here

4. Print you paper with your name on it.

5. Go to Typeonline to do some keyboarding paractice. Typeonline click here.


4th and 5th Grade Assignment #7

Learning Goals:

*Use a document, web page and podcast all at the same time, using your window list.


1. Download the worksheet here, open it, have it ready, then minimize it. Worksheet click here.

2. Go to the podcast site and listen to a podcast called Cyberbullying talk #1″. Podcast site click here.

3. Find answers for the questions on the worksheet from the podcast. Listen to it more than once if needed, pause it to ask questions. Use full sentences for answers, PUT YOUR ANSWERS ONLY in bold and italic. Make sure your name is on it, print it when done.

Links for Guest Teacher 11/14

Today I want you to do some online Language Arts test taking practice, then some keyboarding and then some other links for learning.

Test Taking Practice:

Website page one click here

Website page two click here

Website page three click here

Keyboarding Links:

Typeonline click here

Dance Mat typing click here

Other Links you can go to after 25 minutes are spent on the test practice and keyboarding:

“interactives” spelling bee

Math is fun, has games, puzzles.

Professor Garfield

Online Typing Games