5th Gr. Assignment #4

Learning Goals:

*Learn to make math formulas on spreadsheets.

*Learn to make graphs on spreadsheets


1. Download the spreadsheet on this website listed. When you are at the website look for the words “download” written in small letters near the top. Download the file, save the file then minimize it and keep it ready. Website click here.

2. Write a math formula, using your guide to add the total amount of money made.

3. Use your guide and make two graphs. One to show how many candy bars were sold for 4/08/11 and one to show how many candy bars were sold for 4/15/11. Select the candy bar names and the numbers sold to make the graph. Do not select the columns with prices or money made.

4. When you are done I want you to write a simple business letter to the School Candy Sales Director. Write a letter that tells the director what one candy they should stop selling and the two candies they should have more of to sell based on the graph.

Five parts of a letter:






5. Show Mr. Litt your spreadsheet for check off when you are done. Do not print it today.

Guide archived for the future click here.


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