4th and 5th Gr. Assignment #6

Learning Goals:

*Experience a spreadsheet as a tool for solving problems

*Learn a basic spreadsheet math formula.


1. You will need to have your yard measurements and “pace” measurements in hand.

2. Download a spreadsheet from the website link given here. Download it, open it then return to the blog here for more directions: Spreadsheet download site click here

3. Follow the guide to finding the estimated square feet you think the yard is. If I gave you a printed one, do not download. Guide click here

4. When you are done following the guide to fill out the spreadsheet, download this worksheet and answer the questions. Worksheet click here.

4. Save this spreadsheet to a folder with your name, in the home folder, when you are done.

Save the worksheet to a folder with your name, in the home folder, when you are done.


4th and 5th Gr. Assignment #5

Learning Goal:

*Reflect deeply on the importance of following directions.


1. Look at the guide in your hand. It is the same one as before with three new pages in the front. Read them.

2. Use the guide and download this worksheet. Open it and then minimize it so you can come back to it. Worksheet here.

3. Listen to the podcast called “following Directions” It is four minutes long.  You will need headphones Podcast site click here.

4. Go back to the worksheet by clicking on the window list and answer the questions on the worksheet.

5. When you are done make sure your name is on it and print it. Got to “File” on the menu bar, then “Print”. Press OK on the Print window.

4th Gr. Assignment #4

Learning Goals:

*Assess basics of using word documents

*Introduce awareness of cyberbullying


1. Download the word processor test document click here. Save it, open it , then minimize it so it is ready. At my cue, take the word processor test. Today we are not printing it, minimize it when you are done and go to keyboarding links, you may choose which keyboarding site to go to.

2. When you are done, go to this site and click the link on the left for the lesson on cyberbullying. Watch the video and answer all the questions.

3. If you get done with this go to the multiplication trainer by clicking here.

5th Gr. Assignment #4

Learning Goals:

*Learn to make math formulas on spreadsheets.

*Learn to make graphs on spreadsheets


1. Download the spreadsheet on this website listed. When you are at the website look for the words “download” written in small letters near the top. Download the file, save the file then minimize it and keep it ready. Website click here.

2. Write a math formula, using your guide to add the total amount of money made.

3. Use your guide and make two graphs. One to show how many candy bars were sold for 4/08/11 and one to show how many candy bars were sold for 4/15/11. Select the candy bar names and the numbers sold to make the graph. Do not select the columns with prices or money made.

4. When you are done I want you to write a simple business letter to the School Candy Sales Director. Write a letter that tells the director what one candy they should stop selling and the two candies they should have more of to sell based on the graph.

Five parts of a letter:






5. Show Mr. Litt your spreadsheet for check off when you are done. Do not print it today.

Guide archived for the future click here.