4th Gr. Assignment #3

Learning Goals:

Use an example to guide how to write a narrative.

Review word processor font and spacing mechanics


1. Look at the image on the blog. When you open a word processor page make sure you have your name, date and title just like it appears on this image.

2. Open a new word processor page, minimize it. Download the example story by clicking here.

3. We will read the example together. Think about what ideas you get from it, such as how the story tells you where it takes place and how the second line tells you how the write felt.

4. Decide on a topic you can write about. You are going to write a simple story about the first time you did something. You can choose the first time you rode a bike, ate a favorite food, went to a relative’s house. went swimming, went to school, went to church, played a favorite game…..you decide. Decide on what you will write before you do.

4. Put your name, date and title and start a rough draft of your narrative. Narrative means you will describe what you remember as you see it in your mind.

5. Save it with your name and the word “remember” in the documents folder when you are done.


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