5th Gr. Assignment #3

Learning Goals:

*Learn what cell names are on a spreadsheet.

*Learn how to make a graph from a spreadsheet


Download the spreadsheet on this website listed. When you are at the website look for the words “download” written in small letters near the top. Download the file, save the file then minimize it and keep it ready. Website click here.

You are going to download a power point that is your guide. It is a good skill to learn how to view a guide and do a task on the same computer, going back and forth. To do that you use the window list, the bar at the bottom of your screen. Download the guide from the link:

Spreadsheet guide in power point click here.


4th and 5th Grade Assignment for Guest Teacher 9/29

1. Do this reading comprehension exercise on this website as best you can. It has three pages, I will put a link for each one. The story is simple, but kind of odd. It makes it easier , actually. The website tests you and keeps score.

Link to reading exercise page one

Link to reading exercise page two

Link to reading exercise page three.

2. Get headphones ready, and go to this site here, called Math Live!  After the intro, click on the really small link on the bottom that says “LESSONS”. Go to the “Multiples, factors, primes and composites” lesson. You have to click on the green arrow on the bottom of the screen often. Really do each step, listen and take your time.

If you get done go onto the next lesson, “Proper Fractions”

3. If there is time, go to the keyboarding links page and keyboard. Really keep your fingers on the homerow!

5th Gr. Assignment #1


Learning Goals:

*Add math formulas to a spreadsheet.

*Check them for errors


We’re going to help a businessman with a computer application today. Moise, a hot dog stand owner needs to keep track of how much money he makes, but does not know how to use spreadsheets. We are going to finish his spreadsheet for him and reflect on our process.

1.Download the worksheet here first and follow directions on it carefully.

2. Make sure you have two guide sheets in hand from Mr. Litt.

3. Download the spreadsheet by going to this site and downloading it. It is called “Moishe’s HD.xls” Open it and have it ready.

4. Follow the instructions on the worksheet carefully.

4. Show Mr. Litt your completed worksheet and spreadsheet and print it with your name.

4th Gr. Assignment #3

Learning Goals:

Use an example to guide how to write a narrative.

Review word processor font and spacing mechanics


1. Look at the image on the blog. When you open a word processor page make sure you have your name, date and title just like it appears on this image.

2. Open a new word processor page, minimize it. Download the example story by clicking here.

3. We will read the example together. Think about what ideas you get from it, such as how the story tells you where it takes place and how the second line tells you how the write felt.

4. Decide on a topic you can write about. You are going to write a simple story about the first time you did something. You can choose the first time you rode a bike, ate a favorite food, went to a relative’s house. went swimming, went to school, went to church, played a favorite game…..you decide. Decide on what you will write before you do.

4. Put your name, date and title and start a rough draft of your narrative. Narrative means you will describe what you remember as you see it in your mind.

5. Save it with your name and the word “remember” in the documents folder when you are done.

4th Gr. Assignment #2

Learning Goals:

*Make a word document with name, date and title.

*Edit documents for mistakes

*Work back and forth between a web browser and word document


1. Open a new blank word document.

2. Put your name and date in the upper left hand corner. Put the title “Math Live Reflection” 3 spaces below your name and date in the center (see image for model).

3. Go to the Math Live website by clicking on the link given. Choose a lesson. When you are done with a lesson, reflect on what skills you reviewed and type them in a list on your document.  Website click here.

4th Gr. Assignment #1

Learning Goals:

*Open a new document, put your name, and put a title in the center.


1. Open a new word processing document.

2. Put your name in the upper left hand corner with today’s date click on the image above if you want to see what your page should look like.

3. Put a title in the center that says “Robert Munsch Stories Report”

5. Go to the website link given below and listen to a story by Robert Munsch. You may choose which one.

6. When you are done tell me if you would recommend the story to someone and WHY. You can do this in one or two sentences.  Click here for the Robert Munsch stories