4th Grade Assignment #25

Learning Goals:

*Follow directions and learn about how to follow directions.

*Complete a worksheet on a word document while getting answers from another document or website.


1. Download and open the worksheet here first. Download the worksheet by clicking here.

2. To answer questions on the worksheet, you will need these documents. Download them as you need.

Student “A” knex directions click here.

Student”B” Knex directions click here

3. The pod cast “Following Directions” can be found by clicking here on this link.

4. Make sure your name is on the worksheet and print it when you are done.


5th Gr. Assignment #13

Learning Goals:

*Learn the 4 basic steps to making math formulas in spreadsheets

*Input data into spreadsheets accurately


1. Understand the problem we’re going to solve by reading this:

Two bags of balloons that were going to be used to decorate the auditorium were taken and scattered all over the school yard! Kids were playing with them everywhere! Some student helpers went around and got as many as they could. To see how many were missing, the helpers counted the balloons. One helper kept count with tally marks on paper. We are going to put this count on a spreadsheet to see how many are missing.

2. Download the spreadsheet by clicking here. Open the spreadsheet, then minimize it.

3. Use the copies of the tally sheets to put in the numbers of balloons found on the spreadsheet.

4. Use the guide to write a math formula in cell D11 and cell D19 to add up the balloon counts.

5. Each package of balloons had 210 balloons in it, how many are missing?

Guide click here.

4th Gr. Assignment #24

Learning Goals:

Insert text boxes, insert images, make new slides and save a presentation to your computer.

Read website for information with a strategy to use the introduction paragraph.


1. Make a new slide on your power point that says this:

What  was  life like on the Missions?

2. Make another new slide that says this:

Life for the natives was hard with a lot of work and no freedom to leave the Missions. They could not leave to go hunting or do anything they used to.

3. Using these sites listed below, save some pictures and put them on the slides of your power point wherever you think they go well.


4. Go back over your presentation and make sure the letters are big enough,words and images are placed well.

5. Now insert a new slide into your presentation. You do that by clicking on Menu Insert> Slide.

6. Make a presentation slide on Mission San Diego de Alcala, the first Mission. Get your information by reading this website; website click here.

On this slide tell us two facts about the Mission and put an image of it. More images can be found at this website; website click here.

4th Gr. Assignment #23

Learning Goal:

Students will learn by exploring and doing:.

Students will know how to open a new presentation, insert text insert images and change slide colors on a presentation program.


1. Make sure to have the guide in your hands.. Go to the podcast and have it ready. The podcast gives you instructions on how to do today’s task. The podcast is called “Presentation Guide 1.” Podcast site click here.

2. You are going to practice making a one slide presentation like the example Mr. Litt showed you. Follow the guide and/ or the podcast to help you.

Do these four things:

*open a new presentation,

*insert the words below in green into your slide,

*insert the image on this post

*and change the slide background color.

Text to put onto presentation:

Question: What cities in California are named after the mission that was there?

Answer: Many cities still are three examples are Santa Barbabra, San Rafael and San Francisco.

3. Show it to Mr. Litt when you are done for check off

4th Grade Assignment #22

Learning goal:

Practice using the presentation program.


1. Download the image from the blog here to your desktop.

2. Open a new blank presentation.

3. Insert the text given below in green, insert the image you saved to the desktop and change the slide background color.

Question: Were the Missions a good thing?

Answer: Some think yes, many think no. Many people think the Missions were a really bad experience for the Native Americans.

Click here for this document (quiz) when asked.

4th Gr. Assignment #21

Learning Goals:

*Read to understand history texts. Strategy: break down long passages sentence by sentence.

*Work with more than one document and a website at the same time.


1. Download the reading, open it, minimize it so it is ready. Reading on the Spanish Missions in California click here.

2. Download the worksheet, open it, minimize it so it is ready.Worksheet download click here.

3. Answer all the questions on the worksheet from the reading. Use your window list to go back and forth between documents.

4. Save the worksheet to your folder with your name when you are done. Leave it open, show it to Mr. Litt.

5. Look at all the images on this site to explore the daily life of people in the missions more. Website click here.

4th Gr. Assignment #20

Learning Goals:

*Read history websites to learn.

*Use a photo shop type program.


1. Read this to understand what we are doing.

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo sailed up the California coast in 1542 to become the first Spanish sailor to see California. We are going to read about where he went, make a list of places he visited and draw on a map, where he sailed.

2. Download the history text from this link. I highlighted the parts we need to read and put sticky notes on the side to guide you.Download the history text by clicking here. Minimize it once you have it openend.

3. Download the worksheet. Answer the questions on the worksheet from the reading you just downloaded. Don’t confuse them! The first sheet is to read from, the second one, listed here is to write on! Download the worksheet by clicking here.

4. We will work together now and use a program called GIMP. It’s like photo shop, so we will use it to draw Cabrillo’s sailing route on a map. Click on the image posted with this blog entry and right click on it to choose “save image as”. Make sure you see where you are saving it to!

5. We will draw Cabrillo’s route from the places he saw from his ship on the California coast and put it onto our worksheet.